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Self Defense can save your life and is for everyone.  Male or female it never hurts to have some self defense in your arsonal.  It can mean the difference between life and death.  

There is lots and lots of techniques, and the more you know the better. 

You just never know.  See all about Self-defence 

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I am a self-defense enthusiast and I share resources, guides and tutorials on how you too can master self-defense.

Basement,Garage, affordable home storage system…

Basement and Garage storage now is affordable and a must for most homeowners.  If you knew you could design your basement and Garage the way you wanted, would you be interested?  Just about every homeowner can use some kind of home organization.  It might just be the Garage, or the Basement, but either way, I want to help you with the new do it yourself home storage system.  Basement and garage storage is so important.  First of all you need to use your basement and garage for what they were meant for.  Lets get organized and with these all new Rafterpackers you can get this mess cleaned up.  You will be parking your car in the garage and get all your floorspace back in your basement and garage. Why you’re at it, let’s get the whole house.  So if you are remodeling your basement, you surely don’t want to throw everything you have down there away. Your other option is to rent a storage locker.  We can’t let that happen.  So the first thing we need to do is fix you up with some safe and effective storage.  We put years of trial and error in these new Rafter Packers. We kept the price under $10.00  These storage hangers will allow you to put all your belongings up in between the rafters.  These were made with you in mind.  The only reason you don’t have shelves in your basement and garage is because you don’t know how to put them up. You probably can’t afford to have a contractor come in and put up a few shelves for around a thousand dollars.  Just one more thing on home organization, I looked at every other system on the market.  There is not anything that even comes close that is really considered diy. (do it yourself).  This is the home storage system that gets everything up off the floor and neatly organized up in your rafters.  You can have the option between boxes or shelves, or both.  Either way you will be happy with the outcome.  I will be happy to get you started.

Buy three sets of two and get three sets free.  That is around fifteen cubic feet of storage or more.  No matter how many you buy right now, you will receive the same amount free.  You will even get free shipping.  This is the best offer you will ever find when it comes to home storage units. These are safe and strong, and every home owner can always use some extra storage.  They put up a storage locker on every corner, and a week later there is another one going up around the corner.  So there must be a need for home storage, don’t you think.  I have some really special bonuses for the first hundred buyers.

The all new steel spring retractable hangers are for you.  By now your home is getting overwhelmed with clutter.  You can’t find anything except for anther spot to pile something else.  With a little effort you can fix all of this yourself.  Somebody in your home can hammer two nails in the eyes of these spring hangers.  We have been installing them and testing them every way we know how.  Just a set of two hangers, with nails, and a label.  Just think all your clutter will either go to goodwill, be sold, or go up in the rafters or on a shelf (Shelf takes four hangers) or in labeled boxes up in your rafters.  See until these hangers you really could not store in your rafters,   By the time you built something that would hold your stuff up there. The ceiling was to low.  So Here is a before…


So have you seen something like this at your house.  This is what happens in just a matter of months.

Tell me you would not rather have your stuff at home, than the storage locker.  Think about it, a couple bad months and the owners of the storage locker puts all your items up for bid.  Somebody gets all your belongings for $50.00.  We will put an end to that madness.  Its gotten so bad, there is even a TV program called Storage Wars.  Don’t let this happen to you.  Your rafters in your garage or basement will fit all your stuff, right at home

So let me give you some of the benefits of being able to store your stuff in your basement and garage rafters.  You can also use these under decks if they are high enough.  You will save dollars by not buying things you have, but cannot find.  We are all guilty of that.  Your label on the bottom or side of the boxes mean complete basement/ home organization.  Now not only will you get your floorspace back, but these boxes are made to come down as easy as they go up.  I like boxes because they are cheap. we all like cheap, we just hate the word.  We kept the price down to make them affordable for everyone.  I have had the same boxes for over three years.  These will make such an impact on your home organization, and the best part is it is endless.  You know the saying cleanliness is next to Godliness.  So for less than 100 dollars, you can be well on your way.  I am the kind of guy, that if you need my support, I will do a video just for your question.  You have to be thrifty these days. See a little of how simple these modern-day hangers can make  your house.  It is kind of like remodeling your basement just by themselves. if you do not like boxes, use shelves or just use both.  Endless options, endless storage.  Sound good.  see below. for next to nothing…I can drop ship your boxes if you can’t get the right size local.  You can use any box that will fit up in rafter close to snug.


Tell me what you think..

Here is just some things you need to know.  You know how we are always trying to cover our rafters because they looked bad, and were useless.  Well they really were not meant to be covered.  If you use a drop ceiling, how do you spray the foundation for spiders.  You need to spray at least once a year.  I sweep up dead spiders all the time. I go down there to make a video, or just sweep up, and I will see a few.
Now that I have a floor to sweep, because of these new home Basement and Garage home storage units. I just love umm .  Trust me when I tell you, you can do this.

Moving and Storage.

These are the perfect size boxes.  They are 14x24x12 inches high. You most likely have boxes at home right now that will snap right in your rafters now.  Out of one 4x8x3/4 sheet of particle board you can get six 15.1/2x 4 foot shelves.  You know how much storage you can get with six 4 foot shelves  There is almost two and a half cubic feet in the 14x24x12 inch box.  You need to be putting around 30 to 35 pounds per box if you are going to put it in the rafters of the new home.  If you are going to use a shelf, you can put around one hundred pounds or so.  These are very strong, and made out of steel.  They will last a lifetime.  You can take them with you when you move, if you choose to. These will change the storage industry in the next few years from now.  All this happened, because we could not have a shed in our subdivision. Think about this to, when you buy your house you are paying 100 to 200 dollars a square foot.  Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to take advantage of the whole house.  After the excitement, you hardly even notice them unless you need something.  How could be that something so simple could be this effective.  Home owners won’t be covering their rafters in the future.  If you do already have a drop ceiling you are in luck.  You can slide tile to the side, install Rafter packers, and slide tile back in place.  It even makes a good hiding place.  There is nothing but positives with these home storage hangers.  These will make you smile just like so many other homeowners. They just can’t believe their eyes when that first box locks in their rafter.  There are many more uses we are finding for a spring bracket, but the original Invention was for rafter storage.  I hope these make you as happy as they have made me.  So when moving these will make just about the perfect size box.  Then when you get to your new house, you will have your storage boxes.  So you can kill two birds with one stone.  Now remember this is a do it yourself home storage system.

Remember, just get started, and that will be the hardest part. If you are from Missouri, we can get you help. You are really better off just to save the money for installers, take your time, and get everything organized. Now the neat part comes, just spread hangers with box and slide box up in rafters until you hear that spring hanger snap under box, locking box up in rafters safe and sound. Don’t get in a hurry and forget the label. If you have an assortment of items in a box, you can always take a picture, print it, and tape it to bottom of box. I promise you this, if you install these and are not satisfied enough to give me a picture and testimony, I will refund all of your money.  To this day that has never happened.  Lets get organized starting today…Look below after just one weekend


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Lifes ups and downs, it just dosen’t figure

I wish I could figure out the ups and downs of my life.   You know everyday when I get up I have the same goal.  I concentrate on just learning one thing.  You would be surprised that it is harder than you think.  Being in business for over Thirty Something years you do learn a lot.  Pretty soon you are getting cocky when things are going right.  You have a couple bad months and now you are second guessing what you really know.  Am I really a business man or was it all luck.  I had some really good years, and then some not so good years.  The neat thing was I was having fun, owning a bar was like being lead singer in a band.  You could work when you want and take off as you please.  Now that I cannot work anymore due to getting in a Motorcycle accident.  I lost that battle and life has not been the same.  You know you take the good with the bad.  So here I am everyday on my couch trying to figure all this out.  I know I can’t do physical labor, but I got the whole world in my hands everyday.  I just don’t know how to use this little device (computer) to get my message out.  The good part is I am learning.  I am far from the only one in my shoes.. You know what the really cool thing is,  I never give,  I will beat the life altering event, and I will have the last laugh.  Now it is my turn to give back to anyone willing to read my blog.  I will be giving and offering info to help anyone in need.  Talk to you real soon…     Timothy

P.S. Whatever dosen’t kill you will make you stronger(hopefully)